Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls in Gas Masks

Synchronicity? I'm not sure... but I couldn't help noticing that today I saw this photograph recently posted by Marieaunet:

gas mask by Louise Daddona
silver gelatin fine art prints
10"H x 8"W

and this 4" x 6" hand-pulled hand-colored linocut print by Mark Hill (markhillblockprints on etsy, and paperravenart on flickr) recently posted on the Printsy blog:

Both of them remind me of a painting I bought, Flora, from Just Mad Book Shop on etsy:

Just Mad Book Shop has a lot of girls in gas masks, in fact.

(If you are looking for ceramic men and bunnies wearing gas masks recall this recent magpie & whiskeyjack past).


  1. Who owns the rights to the picture of the little girl in the gas mask? I'd like to use it in a project

  2. The photograph is by Louise Daddona. I have added a link above. (By the way, google 'search by image' is a great tool for this information, which was how I was able to find the proper attribution).

    Mark B. Hill claims copyright on his linocut and Justin Madson made the painting.



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