Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Micro-Trend: Lined Paper

What's a micro-trend, you say? It's a bold prediction of a fad based on two observations. If this were science, it would not pass the peer review; however, there are no editors in the blogosphere, so here goes nothing.

Check out these lovely, nostalgic and fun embroideries by Dash of Magic {via I Adore Style}:

Also, these AshiDashi Notebook and Pencil socks {via swissmiss}:

Some further searching found that the Desing Museum Shop carries tea towels designed to look like lined paper:

Also, more handmade goodies:

woven on a tapestry loom by carson elaine

This is an example of lined paper as, um, lined paper by Think Experimental, but I like it:

{via wrong distance}

You can also find lined paper substituted for napkins, toilette paper, place mats and sugar packs in this ad campaign (but they aren't actual products, though maybe they should be).

I could see it used as a theme for rugs, bedding and clothing.... Have you seen it?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And now for something completely different...

This appeals to the parts of my brain which appreciate the Wunderkammer, dark humour, the absurd and the surreal. This post is also for my mother, who grew up on the prairie, and hence is of the opinion that the only good gopher is a dead gopher, to the dismay of her city-bred children who had the temerity to think they are cute!

gopher museum

These are from The Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada. Below we have some good, old-fashioned composite creatures.

(via the Mincing Mockingbird blog)

While I am on the subject of dubious? unusual? creative museums, are you familiar with the Museum of Jurassic Technology? Their quixotic collection covers everything from Anathasius Kircher's magnetic oracle to 'GARDEN OF EDEN ON WHEELS
Selected Collections from Los Angeles Area Mobile Home and Trailer Parks' to Dogs of the Soviet Space Program - and more.

There are also a muriad of weird and wonderful, and oddly specific museums to be found, with the slightless search. These include but are not limited to the Washington Banana Museum, Icelandic Phallological Museum, The Museum of Bad Art and the Meguro Parasitological Museun. I could go on...

Do you have a favorite oddity or quixoitic museum?


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