Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fox headdress & God's Eye

Today, I want to talk about two very different artists. They come from Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of the US (Providence and Oakland). They work in different media. Their art has a very different feel. But, they have some subject matter in common, so I thought I play this game of placing them together, as it were.

Providence artist and illustrator, Jen Corace creates works which involve girls, flora and fauna. There is a certain cuteness, and sometimes a certain surreality. Like the magpie above.

Monica Canilao is an Oakland-based artist who works in many media. Her site includes painting, wood burning, mixed media, installations, fibre, books and prints. The mixed media is particularly amazing. This is her take on a song bird, or a fox headdress.

guts, portrait of a gentleman & sewn songbird

Fox-face headpiece coral

This is Corace using quilts and Victoria textiles:

This is Canilao doing the same:

Distance Don't Matter @ Space, Portland, Maine. With Swoon, Conrad Carlson, Ben Wolf, Ryan Doyle, & Greg Henderson

Here is a window installation by Jen Corace, incorporating the ubiquitous childhood craft, the God's Eye:

The same craft appears in this woodburn by Monica Canilao:

burning, burning, buildings

The both make work about the woodlands:

and the threat might be lurking beneath the surface:

I've just scratched the surface with these artists in this peculiar little comparison. Do yourself a favour, and check out their portfolios! Canilao's work in particular benefits from an extreme aspect ratio she can use on her own site.


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