Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Earth Sci Animation

This is a very simple post, but I really must share this great little animation. I am after all, a geophysicist by training, and this elegant animation “Everything You Need to Know About Planet Earth” by Munich-based Kurzgesagt, covers much of a first year physics of the Earth course in a lucid, fun, succinct way, with a great minimalist aesthetic, and a few extra dinosaurs.

Their rapid summary of plate tectonics does leave out mid-ocean ridges, transform faults, collision zones and more... but in fairness, an entire plate tectonics future video is promised. Way to go Kurzgesagt!

(via Laughing Squid)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Illustration/Math Venn Diagram

Even those who do not happen to revel in mathematics, know a little set theory - or least one of its useful visual tools: the Venn diagram. Today would be the 180th birthday of English philosopher and logician John Venn (4 August 1834 – 4 April 1923) remembered for the eponymous diagrams. Somehow by making a way to visualize sets and their intersections, he created a mathematical tool beloved of illustrators and graphic designers. (It's the subject of today's Google doodle). This sort of math one can "see" has made it into - dare I say - a large set of fun and fabulous illustrations. I thought I'd gather some for his birthday.

I love this hilarious example by Tenso Graphics:  

'Math' by Tenso Graphics available here

The diagrams are so recognizable, people even take liberties with the concept and we still understand, say that moustaches are the intersection of shaved areas with facial hair:

Venn diagram of facial hair by Tim Easley
 Or this interesting one:
one of a series of Venn diagrams by Satchel And Sage
Though sometimes they are quite literal, as in these Venn diagrams in the 'light theory' pillow:

Light theory pillow by dirtsastudio
But, I think this one is my all time favorite,

by Elise Towle Snow of Argyle Whale


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