Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contemporary Cabinets of Curiosity

Ah, the Wunderkammer! How I love thee.
I discovered French multi-media genius Maïssa Toulet via Apartment Therapy (of all places!). Look at the wonderous cabinets of curiosity she has created:

Les os sur la peau {Bones on Skin}

Festin de Rongeurs {Rodent Feast}

Tableau De Chasse {Hunting Panel}

Visit her site to see many more.
Also, kudos on the web-design! Her "about" page (à propos de...) is an acebécédaire. How do I love alphabets?

The photos of a recent installation "Le Cabinet de sorcellerie {Cabinet of Sorcery} couples magic, science, ephemera, toys and assorted oddities: featured Museum of the Mad, the Macabre, and the Marvelous by C.D. Richardson. Check out some more wunderkammer specials...

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