Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meds: the art and crafts

Craftster user Knit-R-Done (blog) posted this 'stitched painting' embroidery, the first in her series 'The Promise of Pills'. I love the ironic pairing of the pill with the cutesy fabric, and the subtlety of the use of colour.

Craft: magazine has Becky Stern's Vicodin ring and earrings.

Writer, etsy artist (& LJ friend), Montrealer reqbat has a whole series based on pills (though more recently, it's all about crows and magpie & whiskeyjack of course approve). Check out some of the things from her shop:

Look at this witty rug by Dan Golden:

Apparently, he's coming out with a whole line of pillows called "The Meds" with abstract imagery based on popular prescription pills. [via More Ways to Waste Time]


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you like my irony.


  2. Thank you for commenting! I really do enjoy your irony and the needlework itself!



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