Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea time

Though never far from public consciousness since it conquered the British Empire, this commodity cum comfort beverage seems to be popping up all over the place of late. Perhaps the zeitgeist is one which suggests things would be better if we would just curl up with a cuppa.

German illustrator seasprayblue (flickr, etsy) has too many teacups.

Genius paper engineer/collage artist Roadside Projects (flickr, etsy) made this paper sculpture, "The Tea":

The Tea
Originally uploaded by Roadside Projects

I love the retro illustration feel of Rabbit sandwiches with fancy mustard by missbrigette:

This is "Magic Tea" by Toronto illustrator Sarah McNeil (aka Hello! from the nice places, blog, etsy):

This is from the previously mentioned British illustrator Adrian Johnson:

Magpie & Whiskeyjack favorite, the ever-magical Princesse Camcam designed this notebook cover for crazy and absurd ideas:

The incomparable Swedish artist Camilla Engman (who has an incredible eye for beauty, as evinced by her blog... which has the side effect of making one develop a fondness for her JRT, Morran) has tea on the brain, and perhaps the floor:

This is provocative and fabulously absurd illustrator Michael C. Hsiung's Steer in a Teacup:

South African illustrator Alex Latimer did an entire, delightful series of animals enjoying tea, like this jellyfish:

My own thoughts on tea seem to run to the magical, when I consider these two minouette illustrations:

Turtles in a Teatree (an Artist Trading Card)

and Darjeeling;

Relax, enjoy and explore some portfolios with your favorite blend. It's Friday.

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