Sunday, January 11, 2009

Art and Fashion: Wildlife as Headgear

If you did peruse the portfolio of Raquel Aparicio, you would be sure to notice this delightful, avarian headpiece, which I call the Goosehat (for obvious reasons):

But she, of course, is not the only one to portray such living headgear. In fact, the idea of furry and feathered friends on our heads has been in the collecive unconcious, forever, but a clear trend in art and illustration for the last few years.

The always fascinating Art and Ghosts (flickr, blog and shop) has a bear-head, a wolf-head, flocks of birds, nests and fruit as headgear (as well as the ever-popular anthropomorphic animal-human hybrids, wherein the subject has the head of an animal - a related but distinct trend, less importable to street fashion and millinary).

The ever magical Julie Morstad has multiple birds, boxing bunnies and even swimming fish as worn on heads. birds Julie Morstadjulie morstad fish and bunnies

Sirène is an illustration by one of our favorites, Princesse Camcam and shows a young girl with a school of fish as hat.
Here with have a buffalo head hat in Buffalo Dream by San Francisco illustrator Fumi Mini Nakamura.

Or consider this yak fringe by Swedish illustrator Linn Olofsdorf (with shop):
linn olofsdotter

Wondering how to get in on this trend? You could always follow the lead of
Nagi Noda and use your own hair to make an avatavistique hat.

I dare you. You know you want to. The Magpie and Whiskeyjack look forward to seeing this trend filter down to streetware.

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