Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea time ...headware and beasts with five fingers

Well, synchronicity is always entertaining, I find. After posting about creatures as headware and the omnipresence of tea in popular culture, I find this week, artists can combine the creature and tea trends.

There are blogs I check, for pretty pictures, even if I do not (or cannot) read them, like the this one which used to be more bilingual (the tea-mind of Irene) but I believe is now strictly Romanian... which links to a site in Japanese, so I cannot provide much information, as my Romanian is non-existent and my Japanese, shall we generously say, is primitive. The source of this photo is Garbo (whatever that means), and this appears to be a girl dressed as a teaparty. I mean, forget the animals, THIS is a hat (delightfully paired with a necklace of dainty cookies):

If you are not one to take your tea party with you, on your head, perhaps you could train it to follow you where ever you go?

This Hybrid Tea Set are designed by Israeli ceramic artist Ronit Baranga for the “Dining in 2015″ competition of designboom.
[via News of the Craft and Style Blogosphere via Lady Lavona's Cabinet of Curiosity]

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