Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birds of a feather

Welcome, my feathered friends! Whether you have come from the prosperous fox blog or stumbled upon this, I hope you will enjoy the treasured finds I have here to share with you.

The magpie, clever member of the crow family, is known for her collecting. Mag is a feminine name, as Jack is a male. The whiskeyjack is also one of the Corvidae, sometimes called a Gray Jay or Canada Jay; he is a Trickster of the new world. Two of them together are for mirth.

meet the whiskey jack

As in this fab illustration by Charley Harper (January 1973 Ford Times via b.fritz92) and the quirky necklace by paraphenalia (whose wonderous shop on etsy always evokes the cabinet of curiousity).
paraphenalia magpie

I think this provides a hint of what is to come; a wunderkammer of art, illustration, fashion, with hints of science, history, and other sparkley things pilfered sought around the web, with occasional extra bacon.

We begin with some PF favorites...

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