Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Japanese Psychedelia

I don't know about you, but lately, I'm all about the Japanese psychedelia. Maybe it's because I was reading A.S. Byatt's novel Babel Tower, set in the sixties, and followed that up with an anthology edited by Haruki Murakami. Two excellent blogs are feeding this habit: A Journey Around My Skull and pink tentacle.

Consider these details from the work of Japanese graphic designer Tandanori Yokoo:

Tadanori Yokoo, Marie in Furs, 1968, detail

Tadanori Yokoo 1965 silkscreen detail
(oh, printmaking, and a hand... how could I resist?)

Tadanori Yokoo 1965 silkscreen detail

{via A Journey Around My Skull }

Or these posters by underground graphic artist, Aquirax Uno.

Keiko’s at Marubutsu Department Store, 1967

Sailor 21 Gold Fountain Pen, 1968

{via pink tentacle}

Beauty and Beast, from Idea 315

{via Tara Sinn, where you can also find an interview with the artist and more risqué images.}

Here are some pages from a non-narrative manga from November 1967 "A Dream To Have In Heaven” (Tengoku De Miru Yume) by Maki Sasaki. {also via pink tentacle}

I am totally in love with this image:

Kiyoshi Awazu, poster for fashion tenant building, 1973

I would like that as a giant wall mural.

You should look at his website! Firstly, it is one of the best artist websites I have ever seen, and secondly, there is hardly a medium which remains unrepresented during his prolific career. I think you will be seeing more of him around here.

I leave you with:

Tsunehisa Kimura, 1968, commercial and industrial photography ("Give Us Back Man")

{again, via A Journey Around My Skull}

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