Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Micro-Trend: Lined Paper

What's a micro-trend, you say? It's a bold prediction of a fad based on two observations. If this were science, it would not pass the peer review; however, there are no editors in the blogosphere, so here goes nothing.

Check out these lovely, nostalgic and fun embroideries by Dash of Magic {via I Adore Style}:

Also, these AshiDashi Notebook and Pencil socks {via swissmiss}:

Some further searching found that the Desing Museum Shop carries tea towels designed to look like lined paper:

Also, more handmade goodies:

woven on a tapestry loom by carson elaine

This is an example of lined paper as, um, lined paper by Think Experimental, but I like it:

{via wrong distance}

You can also find lined paper substituted for napkins, toilette paper, place mats and sugar packs in this ad campaign (but they aren't actual products, though maybe they should be).

I could see it used as a theme for rugs, bedding and clothing.... Have you seen it?

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