Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unicorn resurgence

So, if you watch the sidebar, or my other blog, you might have noticed I have unicorns on the brain. I have noticed that they are enjoying a (somewhat ironic) popular resurgence. The unicorn and its symbolism is rife with opportunities for humour. It is a mixed metaphor incarnate (or not). The unicorn is associated with purity and virginity, and yet has a potentially violent, phallic symbol on its forehead.

Mythic Equine Romance by eight bit

Unicorn with a Unibrow Riding a Unicycle by Laser Bread

by SirMitchell on etsy

Sit, boy, sit! Screenprint by John Martz

by Matty M. Cipov - matty8080 on etsy

Paint the Cow Pink by Joel Cocks

screenprint by Daniel Guerrero

by Bruce MacKay

by seafoodpunch

In which the gentleman attemps to step over the baby angora unicorn by the previously-blogged Michael C Hsiung

I love this gocco unicorn-narwhal Venn diagram by ArgyleWhale:

Where do baby unicorns come from?

by rabbitblast on etsy.

There are a slew of images of unicorns barfing - yes, barfing - rainbows, of course. This one:

by nutandbee on etsy (who also illustrates a unicorn sliding on a rainbow) and this one

is by rakka

There are also 3D ironic unicorn allusions, such as the uni-keet by melabo on etsy:

Of course, avoiding the twee, except with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we also acknowledge that unicorns are simply beautiful.

by StudioLyon on etsy

Origami unicorn, by photographer Grégoire Alexandre

This one is by printmaker Sonia Romero, sheridesthelion on etsy, for her lovely alphabet series:

My own take on this theme (Unicorn Amongst Umbrella, multimedia):
Unicorn Amongst Umbrellas I

An older, Deco image, just because:

uploaded by finsbry

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