Friday, March 27, 2009

tapestry of colour, gems & floating heads

Creature Comforts featured the work of LA artist Sarajo Frieden. This is someone who knows about textures, lines and colour, has a good sense of humour, and a whimsical thing for the birds. See what she has to say about colour:

Some of her work incorporates embroidery, like this:

stitched bird 4 (7.5”w x 11”h framed: 11.5”w x 15”h)

lady leaving chair (7.5”w x 11”h framed: 11.5”w x 15”h)

pinktree (gouache, collage on paper 28 1/2″w x 22″h)

green journey 2 (gouache on paper 23 3/4″w x 15″h 2005)

Recurring images include the "mini me", birds, trees, people dressed as cats, mushrooms, water, silhouettes, ship and gems. Which leads me to ponder, what is it with all the crystals in contemporary art, anyway?

jewelled bush (gouache, collage on paper 22.25″w x 24.5″h 2007)

Crystals appear frequently in a stylized network of lines and explicitly as gems.

These are the work of NYC artist Ramblin Worker (Steve MacDonald), whom I first found years ago on He also combines drawing and painting and sewing. For the record, most of his work does not contain disembodied puma heads- I just happen to really like them. Beyond the multimedia, these artists have something in common in their exuberant colours, lines and nets, and layering of pattern (as well as boats and natures as subjects). Some of the tapestries (I can think of no better word) are incorporated into 3D sculptural pieces.


  1. how much do I LOVE Ramblin Worker?
    SO MUCH!!!

  2. Hi R!

    Oh yes, he is the best. When he was posting on craftster he did not seem to realize he was clearly a genius.

    I also think it is really cool that there are men who now do needlework art.



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