Thursday, September 12, 2013

more magpie&whiskeyjack

Mark Twain participating in an experiment
in Tesla's laboratory. 
Century Magazine, April 1895. Source:

The magpie and the whiskeyjack are two members of the crow family, who have a reputation for gathering sparkly goodies (the magpie) and being a trickster (the whiskeyjack). This blog is a record of things I've found which intrigue me and things I find beautiful. Most of the posts are tagged art about science and focus on the fertile intersection between them. You can find all the posts about art about science using tags, but I've also added some new categories to help you find what you seek.

image via Brainpickings


On the the sci&lit page you'll find all the magpie&whiskeyjack posts about books about science or the intersection of science and literature. I've also included minouette book reviews of books with an underlying scientific theme; these include everything from popularization of science, history of science, to novels inspired by science, scientists and that fertile art/science intersection. I am (usually) an avid reader and have made it a habit to write reviews on various blogs over several years now, so I thought I may as well consolidate the dozens of reviews related in some way to science. Some reviews are concise, some long and opinionated.


The wunderkammer section falls naturally out of gathering all these wonderous art about science items. I have been gathering large collections of these items for a long time, and am always adding more. The wunderkammer is a place to find items you can add to your own collections.


I've also added a couple of pages to make me a little less anonymous and to make my various sites a little more interconnected. You can find my personal blog at minouette (see the minouette blog tab or button) and my shop and other places you can find things from secret minouette places on the minouette shop tab or button above.

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