Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chemistry Set Decor

Have you noticed that beakers, test tubes, and other vessels more traditionally ubiquitous in the chem lab seem to be finding their way into art and home decor?

Ensemble Chimisterie. Crédit Photo Nicolas Louis. Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Scientific borosilicate glassware created by students in the glassblowing section at the Lycée Dorian in Paris, was the jumping off point for Élise Fouin's exhibit "Chemisterie" (or "CheMystery"), currently showing at the Granville Gallery in Paris. She reworked the glassware, which otherwise was headed for the scrapheap, to add new forms and functions. She writes of converting glassware confined to the lab into an everyday object.

Sometimes the chemical vessels are disguised, or whimsical, like these porcelaine versions of graduated cylinders with extra farm animals.

You can purchase the porcelaine cow and pig vases at cokas diko home & garden.

Or consider this chemical tea set, the 'Kemikus service set' by Art.Lebedev Studio, complete with biohazard symbols, and a traditional Russian pattern:

Then, who can forget the test tube chandelier, 'Marie S.C.' (named for Marie Curie, or Marii Skłodowskiej Curie) by Polish designer Pani Jurek? The simple, yet very clever design, allows the owner to customize the test tubes in any way they can imagine.

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