Monday, October 29, 2012

Anatomy of Creatures Who Are Not

This idea seems irresistible to artists, as we have seen this before, but I thought I would bring you some skeletal structures of imaginary monsters in time for Hallowe'en.

Starting with the pop-culture monsters, and beginning old skool: French artist Gentil Garcon has teamed up with paleontologist Francois Escuilie to create a real-life representation of Pac-Man's skull.

Gentil Garcon's Pac-Man's Skull, Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Next, New York based illustrator Ryan Mauskopf (aka “RYE-BREAD“) has made an entire series on Pokémon Anatomy of the popular Japanese trading card, animation and video game monsters. (They are available on tee-shirts. You should check out his portfolio too).

Charmander Anatomy by Ryan Mauskopf, Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Squirtle Anatomy by Ryan Mauskopf, Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Bulbasaur Anatomy by Ryan Mauskopf, Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Moving on the the composite creatures, especially of the anthropomorphic variety, we have Hominid by Brian Andrews, an animated teaser based on his series of photo composites.

Fascinating, though too often over-looked surrealist artist Leonor Fini created a number of works including the skeletons of classical monsters, particularly composite creatures involving women, like the sphinx, and newly imagined creatures like the dragonfly-man below.

Leonor Fini, Source: via minouette on Pinterest

Lastly, while we are on the subject of surrealism, I'll leave you with a strange little treat. For anyone who would like more fine art and more of the surreal in their games, escape with Une Semaine de Bonté, a brand new on-line game designed as another way to experience the effect of reading? viewing? interrogating perhaps? Max Ernst's 1934 book of the same name, complemented by music from the Surrealist works of Pierre Schaeffer, and poetry by Arthur Rimbaud, André Breton and Robert Desnos.

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