Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art about (or from) Chemistry

I find it amusing how this 'True Colours Miniatures' project is billed "a framework in which nature can express itself and maintain beauty" as if it were in anyway surprising that a natural process (or a chemical process) would create something beautiful and colourful. This artistic, design project is quite literally a chemistry experiment (with typographical flair); Dutch designer Lex Pott (for Found By James) took 6 panels of brass (an alloy of copper Cu and zinc Zn), aluminium (Al), steel (an alloy which is mainly iron Fe) and copper (Cu) and then incited various oxidation reactions everywhere on the plate, except for text recording the materials used and produced.


He has used oxidation previously in his work, including a series of mirrors of differing tints, and various furniture, and has more in the 'True Colours' series on his site.

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