Thursday, February 16, 2012

Periodic Table

The place where scientific pun meets typography meets furniture design is surprisingly lovely. A scientific toy company, Thames and Kosmos needed a conference table and put forward the clever idea that they clearly needed a Periodic Table, of the elements. The table was designed by Jackson Morley with type design and hand painting by Josie Morway. She writes, "It's 16 whopping feet long and features a large slice of the periodic table, each element hand painted (and jubilantly, by me) in a different typeface."

4/4" maple top with steel support structure. 192" x 42".
Fabricated by Jackson Morley using shop time at Keeseh Studio and the Steel Yard.

I want to know if the nature of the elements dictated the typeface designed.

Be sure to check out Josie's portfolio for beautifully painted animals and original type design. You can also find her at fruitful harm.

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