Friday, August 26, 2011


Illustrations of hair seem to be everywhere lately (actually, for a couple of years now). Perhaps it's another Victorian allusion, what with their hair ornaments, jewellery and other (possibly morbid) memorials?

Ghost of a Tether, Gala Bent, 2010

The Transmogrification Stunt, Gala Bent, 2009

Unicorn, Gala Bent, 2009

Star Wars, a hair portrait by Mr Bingo

Guns n Roses Hair Portrait by Mr Bingo

The Mighty Boosh Hair Portrait by Mr Bingo

Entire inside
Entire inside, Title of the project: Everything is connected, pencil drawing, size A1 (840mm*600mm) by Eika Dopludo

Into the nature
Into the nature, Title of the project:
Everything is connected, pencil drawing, size A1 (840mm*600mm) by Eika Dopludo

hair meditation
hair meditation © Eika. pencil drawing, size: 200см*150см

Presendential hair portraits by Christina Christoforou (who published a whole book called 'Whose Hair?')

Sister by Langdon Graves

Side by Langdon Graves

Heir by Langdon Graves

Bear Arms (2011) pencil crayon on paper
14 x 11 in. by Winnie Truong

Glamour and Abscess (2010)pencil crayon on paper 36″ x 48″ by Winnie Truong

Hard To Win Over (2011)pencil crayon on paper 48″ x 72″ by Winnie Truong

Jeweller Melanie Bilenkar ups the ante by actually using hair as a medium for illustration in her work. (I could do a whole other post on sculpture employing hair as well). She writes, “The Victorians kept lockets of hair and miniature portraits painted with ground hair and pigment to secure the memory of a lost love. In much the same way, I secure my memories through photographic images rendered in lines of my own hair, the physical remnants.”

Solitaire, Brooch (2009)
3 1/4”" x 2" x 1/2"
8 x 5.1 x 1.2 cm
Materials: Gold, ebony, resin, pigment, hair
by Melanie Bilenker

all by Melanie Bilenkar (via The Jealous Curator)

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