Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sculpting about the Economy

This photo of Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling's “What You see Might Not Be Real," comes via the Wall Street Journal of all places. This is because the bull represents Wall St and the man is Bernie Madoff. The sculpture is a critique of the financial crisis. It helps to know that fang pi in Chinese is both "to fart" and slang for "to lie".

“What You see Might Not Be Real"

A lot of satire, some surrealism, and many pigs can be found in his work.

Chen Wenling, The God of Material, 2008 Sculpture, Fiberglass, 200 x 365 x252cm presented by Xin Dong Cheng Gallery

Uninvited Guest, 2008.

“Valiant Struggle No. 10″, 2006

"Happy Life No. 8"

Sunny Boy

Happy Life No. 3

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