Saturday, July 11, 2009

Talking Trees, with scarves

I have posted about cutting paper, and before I continue on with the wonders of folding paper, I would like to go off on a brief tangent to ask, "How cool is Jing Wei?" This young illustrator grew up in Northern California, though she was born in China. Currently she is based in "a treehouse in Brooklyn". Her style is has a touch of the surreal, magic, the cute and comics, but she has such delicacy of line and colour, in her chosen media: the woodblock print. Oh, and she has a things about scarves. Go look at her portfolio already! You can find more on her blog too.

Roperite - Jing Wei
Roperite - woodcut, ink, 12 x 12 (inches, I assume?)

Lobsters - Jing Wei
Lobsters - woodcut, ink, 9 x 16.5

Groover - Jing Wei
Groover vs. The Automatic Cat Feeder- woodcut, ink, 4 x 6

Jing Wei - Trees
Talking Trees - woodcut, ink, 11.5 x 14

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