Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mad Scientist of Fashion

Mathieu Mirano invitation. Source: popsci.com via minouette on Pinterest

Fashion designer Mathieu Mirano (at only 21 years of age!) and his fall 2013 collection got some attention recently from what might seem an expected quarter. He and his show was written up in Popular Science (and then the story was picked up by other science websites). You see, he lured a Pop.Sci editor to his fashion show with his petri dish invitation, which picks up on the collection's theme of creating life on the way to another planet (after we deplete the Earth of natural resources). He cites science as an inspiration (along with his father the astrophysicist and uncle the botanist in the Pop.Sci article). This inspiration shows up in his designs and selection of materials, and a rather futuristic/scifi aesthetic. Consider his beetle-wing bodice, with vetebrae-shaped clasp:

Or, how he has previously used beetle wings to illustrate the late Jurassic Archaeopteryx (of about 150 Million years ago), the species commonly known as the oldest bird or link between the dinosaurs and modern birds on this dress:

Archaeopteryx also shows up in printed leather and beaded motifs.

This skirt is embroidered with actual meteorites! How cool is that? He apparently bought 7000 from a collector in South America.

Source: popsci.com

He's also fond of unexpected high-tech materials like neoprene (more common in wet suits than on the run-way) or stringwray skin. You can see his full collections on his website.

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