Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anatomical Decor

I've noticed a trend of artists and designers employing human anatomy in things we use to decorate our homes: wallpaper, textiles and so forth. Consider, for instance, Wallpaper Number One (2006) by Shannon Wright, which is a stylized version of... our uninary tract, of all things.


Or the Anatomical wallpaper by Kari Modén for Swedish pharmasy Vårdapoteket:


Gabriel Valdivieso Interior Design worked with artist Jonny Macali, to create a paper that features flamingos, human bodies and flowers in this custom wallpaper:

design sponge

Or consider the 'Soft Cover' quilt by Katrin Rodegast:

"Soft Cover” (200 x 250 cm). Contemporary quilt; printed cotton, appliqués and fleece filling. It is coated with a pattern of 270 illustrations observing the social reality. "

Or the 'Flow' chairs are from AK-LH, which depict the circulatory system:

Apartment Therapy

Etsy seller and printmaker Sara Selepouchin of girlscantell delights in diagrams, including one of heart, she's printed on tea towels:

For more, check out the blog Street Anatomy which has an entire 'Interior Design' section.

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