Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black & White & Colour All Over

Today, I'm seeing mixed media art combining (mostly) black and white photography (or printmaking) with the ubiquitous bright splashes of multicoloured geometrics. As the Prosperous Fox might say, "Hey, check it check it."

Sofie Kern is a British illustrator and designer. Her blog is here. {via Cabinet of Curiosities}

Jesse Draxler is an artist / illustrator working out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

"But Besides Barely Breathing Beneath" // 16" x 22.5"

"LTTL_SPCH" // For ELLE Korea's Special Edition Cover Series // 11.25" x 16"

11.25" x 15.25"

Hollie Chastain is a Chattanooga based artist. She has an etsy shop called Dr Kennedy Jones.

Adalyn's Party Trick 4

Her work encorporates a lot of woodland creatures, ephemera and has a real magical feel.
{both via The Jealous Curator}

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