Monday, November 30, 2009

creativity through complexity

Lee Jang Sub is a Korean artist who has discovered, "that complexity is not uneasiness and disorder but rich aesthetic possibility and creative energy." In ComplexCity Seoul above, he is comparing the organic, apparently disordered structure of the discernible map of Seoul with the likewise, chaotic, yet harmonious structure of a tree, exposing a hidden order. This seems to me like chaos theory, wherein the complex are often shown to have in fact a surprising amount of order.

This piece from 'ComplexCity Lighting' shows a map of Rome, back-lit through traditional Korean rice paper, called Hanji.

Other projects involve an investigation of colour and pattern. The structure 'Space Titled Love' which he built with his brother Lee Hyo Sub, is intended for children, who are to experience the emotion of love and interact with the sculpture. It involves 10,000 of inter-locking paper dolls. Children were allowed to add and decorate their own any way they wanted to complete the work.

Space Titled Love
- 2007.07.28 ~ 2007.09.09
- 'I-design' for Kids / Kumho Gallery, Seoul, Korea / Invitation
- Paper doll, installation /
- Collaborative work with his brother Lee Hyo Sub

3, three
Personal work
- Poster design (840mm x 1188mm)

I also like The pattern from daily life which includes:

cabbage mandala
- Personal work
- 2005.9
- Pattern design

His videos of moving colour or kaleidoscopic films of poinsettias are mesmerizing. You can view these on his site. Here is a hint from some stills;

Laneige Colortherapy Project
- 2006.10~2006.11
- client : Laneige
- Collaborative work with Lee Hyo Sub

I'll be home for Christmas
- 2006.12
- 'Red Cube'/ Hangaram design museum, Seoul, Korea / Invitation
- Moving Image, Installation

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