In the process of writing magpie&whiskeyjack I come across a virtual wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosity of marvellous art at the fertile intersection of art and science. In fact, most posts are tagged 'art about science'. This page is a resource for getting your hands on some of this art/science.

I've gathered some collections of my favorite science, natural history and electronic or interactive wares on Etsy. In these collections you'll find a lot of art about science, and the sorts of things gathered by magpie&whiskeyjack, both handmade and vintage items. There's everything from chemical element flashcards, to great graphic design about anatomy, to art inspired by biological specimen, to astronomical housewares and fashion, to portraits of scientists (in every medium from fine art to finger puppets), to mathematical art books, to molecular jewellery, to Earth science housewares, to quantum mechanical prints, to electronic art, to cabinets of curiosity art, to handmade toys of rare and obscure animals and more! These curated collections are growing daily, so you can check back here for more finds.

These collections do not include my own work; if you're interested in minouette prints about science, scientists or natural history, scroll down and follow the links there.

Some of the specific items featured on magpie&whiskeyjack will be posted below.

Rock mineral collection by studiotuesday

2014 Minerals Calendar by shoplindsayjones

Soft Rock Geometric Facet Art Print by thepairabirds

Amethyst, Geometric Facet Art Print by thepairabirds

Lise Meitner
Lise Meitner and Nuclear Fission Linocut History of Physics by minouette

Michelle Summers

Michelle Summers

Michelle Summers

Elements - Experiments in Character Design Flash Cards (small)
by KcDStudios

Tungsten (or Wolfram) by VizArt

Calcium - 20 by pygletwhispers

Medelevium by WingedLion

Michele Banks (also known as artologica), Petri Dishes 1 original watercolour collage
Michele Banks (also known as artologica), Yellow Petri Dishes Silk Scarf

Michele Banks (also known as artologica), Petri Dish Ornament K6
Elin Thomas, Mouldy Wall Art, crochet, embroidery, black linen

Elin Thomas, Mini Mouldy Wall Art No. 4, linen, crochet cotton
GiroofasaurusVexed, Pale bacterial culture plate clay pendant necklace

GiroofasaurusVexed, Little blood agar culture plate clay pendant necklace


My own work, as printmaker/marine geophysicist is often influenced by the themes of science, the history of science and natural history. My own portforlio is itself a cabinet of curiosity.

minouette's science & scientists
minouette's natural history

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